You’ve probably heard that work is starting on a Community Action Plan for Johnstonebridge – to find out what’s important for the future of the local community and help make it happen.  Nick Wright and his team from Glasgow are helping to produce the Plan, but the ideas in the plan will all be from the local community.

Nick and his team are getting out and about speaking to local folk, and will give updates on this Facebook page over the next few weeks.

At the Lunch Club in the Community Centre a couple of weeks ago, 30 folk came together for their weekly get-together.  Most are from Johnstonebridge, but a few come from further afield.  As one couple from Lockerbie said, “This is the best lunch club around. We come for the company.”  All credit to the volunteers in the Centre who organise it every week!

What did the locals say about Johnstonebridge?

Lots of suggestions related to the Community Centre: more activities, more car parking, and attract more people. As one person said: “We local folk need to use the Centre more!”

There were some good ideas about using the open space at the back for more weddings, children’s fundays, even occasional camping for passing cyclists doing Land’s End to John’ o’Groats.  Marketing the Centre’s excellent facilities to cycle touring companies as a stopping-off point was suggested by one person.

People saw the Community Centre as a great facility for bringing people together. A perfect example of this was a visit halfway through lunch from the school head teacher, Lesley Farrell, and some of her pupils – they’d brought some of the vegetables that they grow.  There’s a “for sale” box outside the school gates every Wednesday if you fancy some – tasty and cheap!

Other people at the Lunch Club stressed the importance of the surgery and ability to pick up prescriptions, and the need to continue that access to health care even after the GP retires later this year.

Next week we’ll be reporting what we heard from Primary School children have to say – lots of great ideas there!  In early October, Nick will be out knocking doors to ask individual residents how you’d like to see the community improve in the future.

We’ll then organise a community event to share all the ideas and work out what the priorities should be.

If you want to contact Nick, he’d love to hear from you – call or text him on 07900 334110 or email him at

Don’t forget you can fill in the 2 minute survey at Your views really matter!


Johnstonebridge Community Action Plan

21 August 2018

Shape the future of your local community!

A Community Action Plan is being produced for Johnstonebridge – to help create the kind of community that we all want.  And we need your help to do it.

Who’s behind this exciting idea?

Johnstone Community Council and Johnstonebridge Community Trust have secured funding from Local Energy Scotland (a Scottish Government fund).  They have selected an independent team to work with local community to prepare the Community Action Plan, led by Nick Wright Planning.  The work is starting now and will finish by the end of the year.

Nick & the team have done similar work in Lockerbie, Moffat and Beattock.  You can get a flavour of those communities’ plans for the future at @Lockerbie2017 and @MoffatBeattock2016.

Why is it happening?

As the community’s own agenda for its future, the Community Action Plan will help support bids for funding or support (such as from wind farm funds or government).

Although preparation of the Plan has been triggered by ‘community benefit’ funding from local wind farms, it’s a good idea to do it anyway.  That’s because many of the actions included in the Plan might not be about money, but about what kind of community you want to be in the future.

When finished at the end of 2018, the Action Plan will set out the local community’s own long-term vision for the next 10-15 years – and the first steps over the next couple of years to get there.

What will be in the Plan?

Anything that improves Johnstonebridge as a place to live, work and visit.  We need you to tell us what!

So, over the next few months, we’ll be asking local folk for their ideas about how to make Johnstonebridge an even better place.  We were at the Monday Funday in the Johnstonebridge Centre on 13 August and will be at the Show on Saturday 18 August. After that, we’ll come to as many other events as we can, like the Lunch Club for example.  We’re keen to meet community groups, local residents, schools, businesses, landowners and anyone who is interested.

You can also fill in our 3-minute survey at  Go on, do it now!  Your answers really will make a difference. Please share with other local folk too.

If you’d like to have a chat, we’ve love to hear from you. Please contact:

Nick Wright

07900 334110

And watch this space for developments!

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What’s best about Johnstonebridge?

We’re working with the Johnstonebridge Centre to look at options for affordable, community-led housing in Johnstonebridge. If you already live in the area, or would like to, please take a moment to fill out our survey below.


Please everyone be aware of this, it would be a tragedy to lose our surgeries.

With the sad news that ‘small n tall’ nursery has closed in Moffat…
We here at Johnstonebridge Centre have a purpose built room for childcare activities such as a small nursery or maybe a mother and toddler group. So if anyone would like to organise this please contact me at the Centre.. Christine – Centre Manager 👩